Software Developer - Bioinformatics

We are looking for talented web developers to help us forge our way into the field of bioinformatics. You will be responsible for designing and developing quality software to support ongoing research in this exciting field.

What you'll do

You will be responsible for engineering databases and applications that process complex genomic data. You'll be creating custom interactive visualization tools - designing the data pipeline, standardizing, and transforming a variety of data sets to prepare them for analysis and integration. You will work with scientists and other developers to co-invent, architect, and launch new software.

About You

Our developers come from a range of education, experience, and backgrounds. However, there are a few key things we're looking for at Tyemill:

  • You are eager to learn. You dive into new technologies; you want to be on top of the latest in web development. You respect and yet scorn the established stack, constantly looking out for what can best allow you to solve the given problem at hand.
  • You are independent and self driven. At Tyemill we are our own managers. While others will offer support and guidance, you will not have every minute of your day laid out for you. You are the type of person who thrives in this environment, innovating and progressing only because that is what you love.
  • You are an excellent communicator. Writing the code is half the battle. You understand that to fully take advantage of your team, you must be able to clearly express your ideas without the code. Communication is what allows us to grow together as a company and we all benefit from your communication skills.
  • You care about the domain. We all love the code... sometimes too much. You are a person who wants to dig deep into the heart of bioinformatics. You not only want to find solutions through software but understand what it would mean for a person using our applications, enabling you to develop even better solutions as we go.


  • 3+ years of experience in software development / programming.
  • 2+ years database design experience (Relational and/or NoSQL).
  • Prior product work developing large scale, robust, data-intensive analysis systems.
  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science or related technical field.


Experience with one or more of the following:

  • Developing large web applications.
  • Experience with MVC web development framework like Ruby on Rails.
  • Query optimization, database administration, analytics databases, and/or NoSQL.
  • Data visualization for the web using D3 or similar.
  • Implementing algorithms for analyzing large scale scientific data, e.g., Next Generation Sequencing data (NGS).
  • Background in genetics, genomics, or biology.