What We Do

We build great software. We spend our days dreaming up new technology and better ways to build applications. We like big data and big challenges. We love Ruby on Rails, working together, and building beautifully simple innovations. Our line-of-business apps are specific to R&D in economics and healthcare. We think about scalability, performance, visualizations, and domain specific business requirements. We also high-five.

How We Work

Fun. Simple. Fast. Collaborative. We embrace group discourse, opinionated development, and beautiful design. Our principal elements include experimentation and risk taking. We iterate first and prefer being "done well" to being "perfect." In pursuit of the next big thing, we believe new technology and new approaches go hand-in-hand with learning as we fearlessly take on big challenges. Let's go get that whale.

Who We Are

We're headquartered in Seattle. We also rock out in New York, Tennessee, and Florida. Our teams are extremely diverse. We have people ranging from recent grads to self-taught technology extremists to industry veterans to PhDs. Our common trait is a passion for human-friendly, innovative technology. We also have a thing for foosball, playing pool, Mariners games and trying to brew our own beer.

Handcrafting Technologies Since 2007


Exploring the economic universe

Ideas don't come any bigger than this! We're codifying the world’s financial data to better understand the economies of cities, countries, and global regions. Our work includes building various applications, infrastructure and visualizations of large data to help identify economic diversity, extrapolate systems relationships, and to explore the application of semantics.


Enabling effective healthcare billing

eReceivables is establishing the next generation of healthcare billing systems. Together, we’re exploring technology-driven improvements to efficiency and effectiveness by way of improved data management and application design. We’re still thinking through the ingredients to our recipe. Stay tuned!